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Rewriting a VLAN Tag and Adding a New Tag

On Ethernet IQ, IQ2 and IQ2-E interfaces, on MX Series router Gigabit Ethernet, Tri-Rate Ethernet copper, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, on aggregated Ethernet interfaces using Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 and IQ2-E or 10-Gigabit Ethernet PICs on MX Series routers, and on Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on EX Series switches, to replace the outer VLAN tag of the incoming frame with a user-specified VLAN tag value, include the swap-push statement in the input VLAN map or output VLAN map:

A user-specified outer VLAN tag is pushed in front. The outer tag becomes an inner tag in the final frame. The stacked and rewriting Gigabit-Ethernet VLAN Tags are also referred to as Q-in-Q tunneling.

You can include this statement at the following hierarchy levels: