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Configuring Tag Protocol IDs (TPIDs) on PTX Series Packet Transport Routers

This topic describes how to configure the TPIDs expected to be sent or received on a particular VLAN for PTX Series Packet Transport Routers.

For other types of Juniper Networks Ethernet PICs, you could configure 8 TPIDs per port. However, the PTX Series Packet Transport Routers use MTIP and TL to classify a specific TPID and Ethernet type. For MTIP, you can configure a maximum of 8 TPIDs for each MAC chip.

As a consequence, you can specify the tag-protocol-id configuration statement only for the first port (0) of a PTX Series Ethernet PIC. If you configure tag-protocol-id statements on the other port, the configuration is ignored and a system error is recorded.

For example, the following is a supported configuration:

The tag-protocol-id configuration statement supports up to eightTPIDs on port 0 of a given Ethernet PIC. All eight TPIDs are populated to the two MTIPs and TLs associated with the Ethernet PIC.