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Example: Configuring LLDP

The following example configures LLDP on interface ge-1/1/1 but disables LLDP on all other interfaces, explicitly configures the default values for all automatically enabled features, and configures a value of 30 seconds for the LLDP configuration notification interval and a value of 30 seconds for the physical topology trap interval.

You verify operation of LLDP with several show commands:

  • show lldp <detail>

  • show lldp neighbors interface-name

  • show lldp statistics interface-name

  • show lldp local-information

  • show lldp remote-global-statisitics

You can clear LLDP neighbor information or statistics globally or on an interface:

  • clear lldp neighbors interface-name

  • clear lldp statistics interface-name

You can display basic information about LLDP with the show lldp detail command:

For more details about the output of these commands, see the CLI Explorer.