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Example: Configuring a Layer 2 VPN Routing Instance on a VLAN-Bundled Logical Interface

The following configuration shows that the single-tag logical interface ge-1/0/5.0 bundles a list of VLAN IDs, and the logical interface ge-1/1/1.0 supports IPv4 traffic using IP address and can participate in an MPLS path.

The following configuration shows the type of traffic supported on the Layer 2 VPN routing instance:

The following configuration shows that the VLAN-bundled logical interface is the interface over which VPN traffic travels to the CE router and handles traffic for a CCC to which the VPN connects.


Because the VLAN-bundled logical interface supports single-tag frames, Ethernet is the Layer 2 protocol used to encapsulate incoming traffic. Although the connection spans multiple VLANs, the VLANs are bundled and therefore can be encapsulated as a single VLAN.

However, with Ethernet encapsulation, the circuit signal processing does not check that the VLAN ID list is the same at both ends of the CCC connection.