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Guidelines for Configuring IRB Interfaces in PVLANs on MX Series Routers

Keep the following points in mind when you configure IRB interfaces for PVLANs:

  • All of the IP applications such as IP multicast, IPv4, IPv6, and VRRP that are compatible with IRB in normal bridge domains function properly when IRB for PVLAN bridge domains is configured.

  • MC-LAG interfaces are not supported. All ports that are associated with PVLAN bridge domains cannot be mc-ae interfaces.

  • IGMP snooping is not supported.

  • A virtual switch instance that contains a bridge domain associated with logical interfaces is supported.

  • Q-in-Q tunneling is not supported.

  • Logical systems are not supported.

  • Virtual private LAN service (VPLS) and Etherent VPN (EVPN) in virtual switch routing instances are not supported. A validation is performed if you attempt to configure Layer 3 interfaces in a secondary VLAN.

  • MX Series Virtual Chassis configuration is not supported.