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Logical Systems and Tenant Systems Overview

With the Junos operating system (Junos OS) on SRX Series Firewall, you can partition a single security device into multiple logical devices that can perform independent tasks. Because logical systems perform a subset of the tasks once handled by the main device, logical systems offer an effective way to maximize the use of a single security platform.

A complex network design requires multiple layers of switches, routers, and security devices, which might lead to challenges in maintenance, configuration, and operation. To reduce such complexity, Juniper Networks supports logical systems. Logical systems perform a subset of the actions of the main device and have their own unique routing tables, interfaces, policies, and routing instances.

For SRX Series Firewalls, you can partition a single device into following secure contexts:

  • Logical systems

  • Tenant systems

Each logical system has its own discrete administrative domain, logical interfaces, routing instances, security firewall and other security features. A tenant system provides logical partitioning of the SRX Series Firewall into multiple domains similar to logical systems and provides high scalability.