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Supported Access Protocols for Junos XML Protocol Sessions

To connect to the Junos XML protocol server, client applications can use the access protocols and associated authentication mechanisms listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Supported Access Protocols and Authentication Mechanisms

Access Protocol

Authentication Mechanism

clear-text, a Junos XML protocol-specific access protocol for sending unencrypted text over a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection

Junos XML protocol-specific


Standard SSH

Outbound SSH

Outbound SSH

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Junos XML protocol-specific


Standard Telnet

The SSH and SSL protocols are preferred because they encrypt security information (such as passwords) before transmitting it across the network. Outbound SSH allows you to create an encrypted connection to the device in situations where you cannot connect to the device using standard SSH. The clear-text and Telnet protocols do not encrypt information.

For information about the prerequisites for each access protocol, see Satisfying the Prerequisites for Establishing a Connection to the Junos XML Protocol Server. For authentication instructions, see Authenticating with the Junos XML Protocol Server for Cleartext or SSL Connections.