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Using Virtual Memory for Process Configuration Data

Configuration data for each process in Junos OS is stored in memory that is mapped within the address space of each process, requiring a fixed maximum space to be reserved in each process. This scheme works well until a process is managing many functions at commit time and negatively impacts the commit time, or simply needs more memory than the default allotment. For example, the rpd process might be managing many routes and require more space to store important information about the routes.

In circumstances that require more than the maximum memory-mapped size, you can use virtual-memory-mapping at the [edit system configuration-database] hierarchy level to make more memory available for the configuration database per process.

You can configure a portion of virtual memory at a fixed size for the initial portion of the configuration database, and you can specify an amount to be used for page-pooling. Page-pooling uses a small amount of memory to bring database pages into memory as needed, rather than mapping the entire configuration database into the virtual memory space for the process.