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Junos OS Tools for Monitoring

The primary method of monitoring and troubleshooting Junos OS, routing protocols, network connectivity, and the device hardware is to enter commands from the CLI. The CLI enables you to display information in the routing tables and routing protocol-specific data, and to check network connectivity using ping and traceroute commands.

The J-Web GUI is a Web-based alternative to using CLI commands to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage the device.

Junos OS includes SNMP software, which enables you to manage routers. The SNMP software consists of an SNMP master agent and a MIB II agent, and supports MIB II SNMP version 1 traps and version 2 notifications, SNMP version 1 Get and GetNext requests, and version 2 GetBulk requests.

The software also supports tracing and logging operations so that you can track events that occur—both normal device operations and error conditions—and track the packets that are generated by or pass through the device. Logging operations use a syslog-like mechanism to record system-wide, high-level operations, such as interfaces going up or down and users logging in to or out of the device. Tracing operations record more detailed messages about the operation of routing protocols, such as the various types of routing protocol packets sent and received, and routing policy actions.