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About the Overview for Junos OS

The Overview for Junos OS is intended to provide a technical and detailed exploration of Junos OS, explaining both concepts and operational principles, as well as how to configure and use Juniper Networks devices.

In this guide, we cover:

  • Understanding Junos OS

  • Security management

  • Device configuration

  • Device monitoring

  • Managing network devices

  • Using configuration statements and operational commands

For a basic introduction to Junos OS, see the Getting Started Guide for Junos OS. It provides a high-level description of Junos OS, describes how to access devices, and provides simple step-by-step instructions for initial device configuration.

For introductory and overview information specific to Junos OS Evolved, see Introducing Junos OS Evolved. This guide will acquaint you with Junos OS Evolved, the next generation Junos OS, and explain its strengths, similarities to, and differences from Junos OS.

To learn how to use the Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) and understand more advanced Junos OS topics, see the CLI User Guide. This guide explains how to use the CLI, enter configuration statements, manage configurations, and enter operational commands for monitoring Junos OS networking devices.