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request system software sync



Use this command on the primary Routing Engine of a cluster to synchronize the software and configurations from the primary node to the other nodes and reboot the other nodes. The configurations are synchronized even if the images are identical. If specified on the backup RE, the command fails.


current | rollback | all-versions

Specify which software version (current or rollback) to sync to the other node:

  • For the current option, system syncs the current version to the other node and reboots with that version. If the current version on the master RE of the cluster matches the version on RE1 of the system, the command fails.

  • For the rollback option, the system syncs the rollback version to the other node. If the rollback version on the master RE of the cluster matches the rollback version on RE1 of the system, the commands fails.

  • For the all-versions option, the system syncs all software versions to the other node and reboots if there's a mismatch between current versions.

Additional Information

For the all-versions option, the synchronization proceeds as follows:

  1. All versions are deleted, except for the current version on RE1.
  2. The current and rollback images and configuration are copied to RE1. Even if the software versions match, the configuration is copied and the software proceeds to the next image.
  3. Any other versions and configurations are copied from RE0 to RE1.
  4. If the current version on RE1 is not the same as current on RE0, then RE1 is rebooted after warning the user.

The command is successful if the first two steps of the synchronization are successful. If step 3 fails, a warning message is displayed. To make the versions match, you can delete the extra versions using the request system software delete operational mode command.

To see what the software versions on the device are, use the request system software list command.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request system software sync current

request system software sync rollback

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 18.3R1.