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request system autorecovery state



Use this command to prepare the system for autorecovery of configuration, licenses, and disk information.



Save the current state of the disk partitioning, configuration, and licenses for autorecovery.

The active Junos OS configuration is saved as the Junos rescue configuration, after which the rescue configuration, licenses, and disk partitioning information is saved for autorecovery. Autorecovery information must be initially saved using this command for the autorecovery feature to verify integrity of data on every bootup.

Any recovery performed at a later stage will restore the data to the same state as it was when the save command was executed.

A fresh rescue configuration is generated when the command is executed. Any existing rescue configuration will be overwritten.


Recover the disk partitioning, configuration, and licenses.

After autorecovery data has been saved, the integrity of saved items is always checked automatically on every bootup. The recovery command allows you to forcibly re-run the tests at any time if required.


Clear all saved autorecovery information.

Only the autorecovery information is deleted; the original copies of the data used by the router are not affected. Clearing the autorecovery information also disables all autorecovery integrity checks performed during bootup.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

When you enter this command, you are provided feedback on the status of your request.

Sample Output

request system autorecovery state save

Sample Output

request system autorecovery state recover

Sample Output

request system autorecovery state clear

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 15.1X49-D35.