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Accessing a Juniper Networks Device the First Time


Before proceeding with any new Juniper Networks device, be sure to follow the quick start and initial set-up instructions which came with the device.

When you power on a Junos OS device, Junos OS automatically boots and starts.

To configure the device initially, you must connect a terminal or laptop computer through the console port, which can vary in position and type, depending on the specific device model. Only console access to the device is enabled by default. Remote management access to the router and all management access protocols, including Telnet, FTP, and SSH, are disabled by default.

To access a network device for the first time:

  1. Connect a terminal or laptop computer to the device through the console port.
  2. Power on the device and wait for it to boot.

    The software boots automatically. The boot process is complete when you see the login: prompt on the console user interface.

  3. Log in as the user root.

    Initially, the root user account requires no password. You can see that you are the root user, because the prompt on the device shows the username root@%.

  4. Start the command-line interface (CLI).
  5. Enter configuration mode.