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Initial Configuration Overview for Juniper Networks Devices

After you install and power on the Juniper Networks device, you are ready to begin initial configuration. A version of Junos OS or Junos OS Evolved is preinstalled on all devices. The procedures in this guide show you how to connect the device to the network but do not enable it to forward traffic. For complete information about enabling the router to forward traffic, including examples, see the software configuration guides. For information about how to upgrade or reinstall software, see the Junos OS Installation and Upgrade Guide.


For an overview of Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved and for details regarding Configuration Statements and command-line interfaces (CLIs), see the Overview for Junos OS, Introducing Junos OS Evolved, and the CLI User Guide.

Only console access to the device is enabled by default. Use a console port to connect to the device initially.

Gather the following information before configuring the device:

  • Name the device will use on the network.

  • Domain name the device will use.

  • IP address and prefix length information for the Ethernet interface.

  • IP address of a default device.

  • IP address of a DNS server

  • Password for the root user

The most common method of configuring the device is through the use of CLI commands.