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rib-service (programmable-rpd)


Hierarchy Level


Configure programmable routing protocol process (prpd) options that apply only to RIB service APIs.


dynamic-next-hop-interface (enable | disable)

Disable or enable dynamic next-hop interface binding. When enabled, programmed RIB routes react to Up, Down, Add, and Delete events for direct next-hop interfaces. When all next-hop interfaces are unconfigured or down, the route is hidden and becomes inactive. When a next-hop interface is configured or comes up, the route becomes visible and active. This prevents dropped traffic and keeps inactive routes from being propagated through the network.

This feature applies to all routes programmed using the rib_service JET API where an interface is configured as a direct next-hop, including interfaces that are part of a flexible tunnel. It also applies to tunnels configured with the flexible_tunnel_service JET API. Indirect next-hops are resolved by the RPD resolver normally.

Changes to the configuration of this statement only affect routes programmed using Junos OS Release 20.2R1 or later.

  • Default: This option is enabled by default starting in Junos OS Release 20.2R1. In earlier releases, dynamic next-hop interface binding is disabled by default.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 20.2R1.