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Overview of JET APIs

JET provides APIs that extend the functionality of Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved. These APIs fall into three main categories: the notification API, base type APIs, and service APIs. The APIs are defined by proto definition files. You can view these files in multiple ways:

  • View the full proto definition files on the JET GitHub repository.

  • To use the proto definition files, you will need to download and extract the IDL file for the release you are using. See Set Up the JET VM for instructions.

Notification API

The notification API provides interfaces that allow you to subscribe to events and designate a callback function to receive events when they occur. See JET Notification API for more information about this API.

Base Types APIs

  • jnx Common Address API

  • jnx Common Base Types API

Service APIs

Service APIs provide interfaces to access the control plane on the device and a management interface to run operational and configuration commands.


  • BFD Service APIs

  • BGP Route Service API

  • ECMP Tracer Flow Monitoring APIs

  • Flexible Tunnel Profile

  • Flexible Tunnel Service

  • MPLS Service API

  • PRPD Common API

  • PRPD Service API

  • RIB Service API

  • Routing Interface Service API


Firewall Service API


Interfaces Service API


Infrastructure Service APIs


  • JNX Management Service API

  • JNX Authentication Service API

  • JNX Registration Service API

  • Versioning Service APIs