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Guidelines for Exporting Subscriber Statistics and Queue Statistics for Dynamic Interfaces and Interface-Sets

You can use subscriber statistics and queue statistics for dynamic interfaces and interface-sets to support remote analytics and monitoring on MX Series routers that operate as a Broadband Network Gateway (BNG).

Before enabling export of subscriber statistics and queue statistics for dynamic interfaces and interface-sets, consider the following limitations:

  • On MX Series routers supporting the Modular Port Concentrator 2 (MPC2), a slow internal refresh cycle for queue statistics can occur. This cycle can be lengthy at full line card scale. If the subscription frequency is higher than the internal refresh cycle, exported data may appear stale across reporting intervals.

  • The unified in-service software upgrade (ISSU) feature enables you to upgrade your device between two different Junos OS releases with no disruption on the control plane and with minimal disruption of traffic. Dynamic interfaces and Interface-sets created prior to ISSU and prior to Junos OS Release 18.4R1 do not support telemetry for subscriber and queue statistics.

  • The subscription frequency should be larger than the time to export telemetry. If the volume of data cannot be exported before the next reporting interval, the export continues to completion and the next reporting interval will immediately start. in such instances, continuous streaming results–behavior that may not be wanted.

  • Multiple sensors from the dynamic-interfces sub-tree may be subscribed to simultaneously. As streaming of these sensors for the sub-tree is supported by a single Junos component, you should expect the time to export the sensor data for each subscription to extend.

  • Juniper advises to enable export only for active queues. To do this, include the queues statement at the [[edit dynamic-profiles profile-name telemetryqueue-statistics $junos-interface-name] or [[edit dynamic-profiles profile-name telemetry queue-statistics $junos-interface-set-name] hierarchy level. Exporting data for active queues only reduces the amount of data to export for each reporting interval.