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NTF Agent Overview

Junos OS exposes telemetry data over gRPC and UDP as part of the Junos telemetry interface (JTI). One way to stream JTI data into your existing telemetry and analytics infrastructure requires managing an external entity to convert the data into a compatible format. Starting in Junos OS Release 18.4R1, the Network Telemetry Framework (NTF) agent feature provides an on-box solution that allows you to configure and customize to which endpoint (such as IPFIX and Kafka) the JTI data is delivered and in which format (such as AVRO, JSON, and MessagePack) the data is encoded.

NTF agent uses an output plug-in to translate JTI data into a format that is suitable for a particular endpoint. NTF agent subscribes to JTI data with user-defined sensor information. On receiving data, NTF agent uses the output plug-in to encode the data in the format that is required by the endpoint and then exports the translated data to the endpoint (see Figure 1). NTF agent can be configured using Junos OS CLI or NETCONF.

Figure 1: NTF Agent ArchitectureNTF Agent Architecture