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Supported Data Types

A GetRequest is sent when a collector client initiates a Get RPC to receive telemetry data. Specified within the GetRequest are the data elements with which the target should return data to the collector, including the data type. The data type is the variable that specifies the form in which data should be delivered.

Table 1 lists the data types supported with Junos telemetry interface (JTI). Unless specified, the data type is supported for JTI data export using remote procedure call (gRPC) services, gRPC Network Management Interface (gNMI) services, or through UDP.

Table 1: Data Types





string_val = 1

String value.


int_val = 2

Integer value.


uint_val = 3

Unsigned integer value.


bool_val = 4

Bool value.


float_val = 6

Floating point value.


decimal_val = 7)

Decimal64 encoded value. Supported only with gNMI services. Use decimal64 to encode a fixed precision decimal number. The value is expressed as a set of digits with the precision specifying the number of digits following the decimal point in the digit set. For example:

message Decimal64 {
  int64 digits = 1;         // Set of digits.
  uint32 precision = 2;     // Number of digits following the decimal point.


leaflist_val = 8

Mixed type scalar array value. An homogenous array of the values of mixed datatypes (string, int64, uint64, bool float or decimal64). Supported only with gNMI services.

For more information on data types, see github