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show services pcp statistics



Display information PCP mappings.


Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show services pcp statistics command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show services pcp statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Services PIC Name

Name of a service interface.

Protocol Statistics

Overall PCP statistics, consisting of: operational, option, and results statistics.

Operational Statistics

Operational statistics group.

Map request received

Total PCP MAP requests received from PCP clients.

Peer request received

Number of peer requests received.

Option Statistics

Number of requests using available options.

Unprocessed requests received

Number of requests received with no option specified.

Third party requests received

Number of third-party requests received.

Prefer fail option received

Number of prefer fail requests received.

Filter option received

Number of filter option requests received.

Other options counters

Number of packets received with options other than prefer-fail and third-party.

Other optional received

Results Statistics

Information about the results of PCP requests.

PCP success

Number of PCP MAP requests successfully processed by the server.

PCP unsupported version

Number of PCP packets received with version other than 1.

Not authorized

Number of unauthorized MAP delete requests.

Bad requests

Number of requests with invalid PCP packets.

Unsupported opcode

Number of packets that have an unsupported opcode.

Unsupported option

Number of packets that have an unsupported option.

Bad option

Number of packet that have a malformed option.

Network failure

Number of times a mapping could not be provided due to a network failure.

Out of resources

Number of times a mapping could not be provided because the PCP server ran out of pool resources.

Unsupported protocol

Number of requests for which the protocol was neither TCP nor UDP.

User exceeded quota

Number of requests for which the PCP client requested more than the configured number of ports.

Cannot provide external

Number of requests for which the PCP server cannot provide the external address or port requested by the client.

Address mismatch

Number of requests for which the PCP client IP address and the layer-3 source IP do not match.

Excessive number of remote peers

This counter is not currently used.

Processing error

Number of requests with malformed PCP packets information, such as an invalid IP address in a third-party request .

Other result counters

Not currently used.

Sample Output

show services pcp statistics pcp

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 13.2