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Configuring Queuing and Scheduling on Inline Services Interface

To configure queuing and scheduling on an inline services interface, you need to include scheduler-map statement at the [edit class-of-services interfaces si-/0/0/0] hierarchy level.

The queue-number 7 of the inline services interface has strict-high priority because the timing packets received by ACX Series routers gets assigned to this queue. You can explicitly override this strict-high priority by assigning an explicit scheduler for queue-number 7 in the scheduler-map statement attached to inline services interface as shown below:

The following are the CoS limitations for inline services:

  • Inline services packets classified with packet loss priority as medium-high in the ingress path are treated as high on the egress path.

  • When both timing and NAT services are enabled on the router, you should not classify NAT traffic into a forwarding class mapped with queue-number 7, because if you do so, the performance of timing services can degrade.

  • If a scheduler with queue-number 7 in the scheduler-map statement is attached to an inline services interface, then the scheduler should be configured with strict priority, else the timing performance can degrade.