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Configuring a Recursive DNS Server Address for IPv6 Hosts

For IPv6 hosts, a maximum of three recursive DNS server addresses can be configured along with their respective lifetimes. The configured IPv6 host uses the specified recursive DNS server address for DNS resolution where the IPv6 host’s address is autoconfigured through an IPv6 stateless address and where there is no DHCPv6 infrastructure available.

To configure a recursive DNS server address on IPv6 hosts, follow these steps:

  1. Configure the recursive DNS server address for the IPv6 host.

    For example, to assign IPv6 address abcd:1::1 as the recursive dns server address to interface fe-1/0/1:

  2. Configure the lifetime to specify the time in seconds for which the recursive DNS server address remains valid.

    For example, to specify a lifetime of 60 seconds for the recursive DNS server address:

    The default value of the lifetime of the configured recursive DNS server address is 1800 seconds.