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Working with Problems on Your Network



This checklist provides links to troubleshooting basics, an example network, and includes a summary of the commands you might use to diagnose problems with the router and network.


Table 1: Checklist for Working with Problems on Your Network


Command or Action

Isolating a Broken Network Connection  
  1. Identifying the Symptoms of a Broken Network Connection

ping (ip-address | hostname) show route (ip-address | hostname) traceroute (ip-address | hostname)

  1. Isolating the Causes of a Network Problem

show < configuration | interfaces | protocols | route >

  1. Taking Appropriate Action for Resolving the Network Problem

[edit] delete routing options static route destination-prefix commit and-quit show route destination-prefix

  1. Evaluating the Solution to Check Whether the Network Problem Is Resolved

show route (ip-address | hostname) ping (ip-address | hostname) count 3 traceroute (ip-address | hostname)