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Resetting Local Statistics

When you enable graceful Routing Engine switchover, the primary Routing Engine configuration is copied and loaded to the backup Routing Engine. User files, accounting information, and trace options information are not replicated to the backup Routing Engine.

When a graceful Routing Engine switchover occurs, local statistics such as process statistics and networking statistics are displayed as a cumulative value from the time the process first came online. Because processes on the primary Routing Engine can start at different times from the processes on the backup Routing Engine, the statistics on the two Routing Engines for the same process might differ. After a graceful Routing Engine switchover, we recommend that you issue the clear interface statistics (interface-name | all) command to reset the cumulative values for local statistics. Forwarding statistics are not affected by graceful Routing Engine switchover.

For information about how to use the clear command to clear statistics and protocol database information, see the CLI Explorer.


The clear firewall command cannot be used to clear the Routing Engine filter counters on a backup Routing Engine that is enabled for graceful Routing Engine switchover.