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Configuring VPN Graceful Restart

Graceful restart allows a router whose VPN control plane is undergoing a restart to continue to forward traffic while recovering its state from neighboring routers. Without graceful restart, a control plane restart disrupts any VPN services provided by the router. Graceful restart is supported on Layer 2 VPNs, Layer 3 VPNs, virtual-router routing instances, and VPLS.

To implement graceful restart for a Layer 2 VPN or Layer 3 VPN, perform the configuration tasks described in the following sections:

Configuring Graceful Restart for the Routing Instance

For Layer 3 VPNs only, you must also configure graceful restart for all routing and MPLS-related protocols within a routing instance by including the graceful-restart statement at the [edit routing-instances instance-name routing-options] hierarchy level. Because you can configure multi-instance BGP and multi-instance LDP, graceful restart for a carrier-of-carriers scenario is supported. To configure the duration of the graceful restart period for the routing instance, include the restart-duration statement at the [edit routing-instances instance-name routing-options].

You can disable graceful restart for individual protocols with the disable statement at the [edit routing-instances instance-name protocols protocol-name graceful-restart] hierarchy level.