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show pfe ssb



(M20 routers only) Display Packet Forwarding Engine System and Switch Board (SSB) status and statistics information.


This command has no options.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show pfe ssb command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show pfe ssb Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Uptime (total)

SSB uptime.


Number of failures .


Number of pending.

Peer message type receive qualifiers

Information about Peer message type receive qualifiers.

Message Type

Peer message type.

Receive Qualifier

Peer receive qualifier.


Peer message type TTP.


Peer message type IFD.


Peer message type IFL.


Peer message type Nexthop.


Peer message type COS.


Peer message type Route.

SW Firewall

Peer message type SW Firewall.

HW Firewall

Peer message type HW Firewall.

PFE Statistics

Peer message type PFE Statistics.

PIC Statistics

Peer message type PIC Statistics.


Peer message type Sampling .


Peer message type Monitoring.


Peer message type ASP.


Peer message type L2TP.


Peer message type Collector.

PIC Configuration

Peer message type PIC Configuration.

Queue Statistics

Peer message type Queue Statistics.

PFE Listener statistics

Information about Packet Forwarding Engine listener statistics:

  • Open—Number of PFE listeners in the “open” state.

  • Close—Number of PFE listeners in the “close” state.

  • Sleep—Number of PFE listeners in the “sleep” state.

  • Wakeup—Number of PFE listeners in the “wakeup” state.

  • Resync Request—Number of PFE listeners in the “resync request” state.

  • Resync Done—Number of PFE listeners in the “resync done” state.

  • Resync Fail—Number of PFE listeners in the “resync fail” state

  • Resync Time—Number of PFE listeners in the resync time state.

PFE IPC statistics

Information about Packet Forwarding Engine IPC statistics.

  • type—Type of IPC message.

    • Header—IPC message type Header.

    • Test—IPC message type Test.

    • Interface—IPC message type Interface.

    • Chassis—IPC message type Chassis.

    • Boot—IPC message type Boot

    • Next-hop—IPC message type Next-hop.

    • Jtree—IPC message type Jtree.

    • Cprod—IPC message type Cprod.

    • Route—IPC message type Route.

    • Pfe—IPC message type PFE.

    • Dfw—IPC message type Dfw.

    • Mastership—IPC message type Primary Role.

    • Sampling—IPC message type Sampling.

    • GUCP—IPC message type GUCP.

    • CoS—IPC message type CoS.

    • GCCP—IPC message type GCCP.

    • GHCP—IPC message type GHCP.

    • IRSD—IPC message type IRSD.

    • Monitoring—IPC message type Monitoring.

    • RE—IPC message type RE.

    • PIC—IPC message type PIC.

    • ASP cfg—IPC message type ASP configuration.

    • ASP cmd—IPC message type ASP command..

    • L2TP cfg—IPC message type L2TP configuration.

    • Collector—IPC message type Collector.

    • PIC state—IPC message type PIC state.

    • Aggregator—IPC message type Aggregate.

    • Empty—IPC message type Empty.

    • PFE socket-buffer mbuf depth—Information about Packet Forwarding Engine socket-buffer depth

    • bucket—mbuf bucket value.

    • count—mbuf count value.

PFE socket-buffer bytes pending transmit

Information about Packet Forwarding Engine socket-buffer bytes pending for transmit.

  • TX Messages—Number of transmitted messages.

  • RX messages—Number of received messages.

Sample Output

show pfe ssb

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.