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Initial Routing Engine Configuration Example

You can use configuration groups to ensure that the correct IP addresses are used for each Routing Engine and to maintain a single configuration file for both Routing Engines.

The following example defines configuration groups re0 and re1 with separate IP addresses. These well-known configuration group names take effect only on the appropriate Routing Engine.

You can assign an additional IP address to the management Ethernet interface (fxp0 in this example) on both Routing Engines. The assigned address uses the master-only keyword and is identical for both Routing Engines, ensuring that the IP address for the primary Routing Engine can be accessed at any time. The address is active only on the primary Routing Engine's management Ethernet interface. During a Routing Engine switchover, the address moves over to the new primary Routing Engine.

For example, on re0, the configuration is:

On re1, the configuration is:

For more information about the initial configuration of dual Routing Engines, see the Junos OS Software Installation and Upgrade Guide. For more information about assigning an additional IP address to the management Ethernet interface with the master-only keyword on both Routing Engines, see the Junos OS CLI User Guide.