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Example: Configuring FEB Redundancy on M120 Routers

In the following configuration, two FEB redundancy groups are created:

  • A FEB redundancy group named group0 with the following properties:

    • Contains three FEBs (0 through 2).

    • Has a primary FEB (2).

    • Has a unique backup FEB (0).

    • Automatic failover is disabled.

      When an active FEB in group0 fails, automatic failover to the backup FEB does not occur. For group0, you can only perform a manual switchover.

  • A FEB redundancy group named group1 with the following properties:

    • Two FEBs (3 and 5). There is no primary FEB.

    • A unique backup FEB (5).

    • Automatic failover is enabled by default.

      When feb 3 in group1 fails, an automatic failover occurs.

Because you must explicitly configure an FPC not to connect to the backup FEB, connectivity is set to none between fpc 0 and feb 0 and between fpc 5 and feb 5.


For information about the fpc-feb-connectivity statement, see the Junos OS Administration Library for Routing Devices.

FPC to primary FEB connectivity is not explicitly configured, so by default, the software automatically assigns connectivity based on the numerical order of the FPCs.