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Preventing Automatic Reestablishment of BGP Peer Sessions After NSR Switchovers

It is useful to prevent a BGP peer session from automatically being reestablished after a nonstop active routing (NSR) switchover when you have applied routing policies configured in the dynamic database. When NSR is enabled, the dynamic database is not synchronized with the backup Routing Engine. Therefore, when a switchover occurs, import and export policies configured in the dynamic database might no longer be available. For more information about configuring dynamic routing policies, see the Routing Policies, Firewall Filters, and Traffic Policers User Guide.


The BGP established timers are not maintained across switchovers.

You can configure the routing device not to reestablish a BGP peer session after an NSR switchover either for a specified period or until you manually reestablish the session. Include the idle-after-switch-over statement at the [edit protocols bgp] hierarchy level:

For a list of hierarchy levels at which you can configure this statement, see the configuration statement summary for this statement.

For seconds, specify a value from 1 through 4294967295. The BGP peer session is not reestablished until after the specified period. If you specify the forever option, the BGP peer session is not reestablished until you issue the clear bgp neighbor command.