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Broadband Subscription Services on Junos Fusion

Starting in Junos OS Release 18.4R1, Junos Fusion Provider Edge supports Broadband Edge Subscriber Management. The aggregation device in Junos Fusion functions as Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) while the extended ports on the satellite devices function as ports on the BNG. From the standpoint of a broadband network, the extended ports appear to be local physical ports and follow the Junos Fusion naming convention for port interfaces. The Satellite device is identified with a Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) ID and the extended ports use the FPC ID as part of the interface name.

Figure 1 illustrates a basic subscriber network on a Junos Fusion Provider Edge. The first satellite device (satellite device 1) off the cascade port is identified with a FPC ID of 65 with the first extended port on satellite device 1 named as xe-65/0/0.

Figure 1: Broadband Network Gateway on Junos Fusion Broadband Network Gateway on Junos Fusion

BNG on Junos Fusion Provider Edge is supported only with a MX204, MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2010, MX2020, or MX10003 Universal Routing Platform as an aggregation device with EX4300, QFX5100, QFX5110, or QFX5200 switches as satellite devices.

BNG on Junos Fusion Provider Edge supports the following:

  • DHCP and PPPoE Subscribers.

  • Static and Dynamic VLANs.

  • Full support for broadband subscriber firewall services.

  • Non-Fusion broadband subscribers are also supported on the aggregation device. This means that the customer premise equipment can connect directly to the MX router.

  • Deep packet inspections of layer 4 through layer 7 payloads.

  • Lawful-intercept.

BNG on Junos Fusion Provider Edge has the following limitations:

  • Support for satellite Devices with only a single connection to a cascade port on aggregation device.

  • Port mirroring is not supported.

  • The line rate of the cascade port limits the number of extended ports that can be provisioned. To prevent oversubscription on a Junos Fusion, we recommend that you do not provision the sum of the bandwidth for the ports on the satellite device to exceed the bandwidth of the cascade port.

For more information on configuring, provisioning, and managing broadband subscribers, see Junos OS Broadband Subscriber Management and Services Library

Benefits of Broadband Subscription on Junos Fusion

Broadband subscription support on Junos Fusion allows you to use a single point of management on an aggregation device to configure and manage a large number of network-facing subscriber interfaces to operate as a group on satellite devices. As your network grows, you can easily expand the size of your subscriber access network by adding satellite devices as they are needed. Junos Fusion supports both Broadband Subscribers and Non-Fusion broadband subscribers on the aggregation device. Existing Junos Fusion deployments can migrate to Broadband Subscriber management gradually by adding new subscribers to current Junos Fusion Provider Edge deployment while adding new satellite devices.