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Installing Junos OS Software on a Standalone Device Running Satellite Software

This process should be used when you have a standalone switch running satellite software and you want the switch to run Junos OS software. A standalone device is running satellite software for one of the following reasons:


If you are removing a satellite device from a Junos Fusion, you must first make sure that automatic satellite conversion is disabled for the satellite device’s FPC slot ID. See Converting a Satellite Device in a Junos Fusion to a Standalone Device.

To install Junos OS onto a QFX5100, QFX5100 or QFX5200 switch running satellite software:

To install Junos OS onto an EX4300 switch running satellite software:

  1. Log in to the console port of your switch.

  2. Power off the switch, and power it back on.

  3. While the switch is powering back on, enter the UBoot prompt (=>) by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

  4. From the Uboot prompt, set the operating system environment mode on the switch to Junos. Save the configuration and reset the kernel:

    After the reset operation completes, the loader prompt (loader>) appears.

  5. Install Junos OS using a USB flash drive from the loader prompt. See Booting an EX Series Switch Using a Software Package Stored on a USB Flash Drive.

To install Junos OS onto an EX2300 or EX3400 switch running satellite software:

  • Log in to the satellite software (SNOS) on the switch to be converted back to Junos OS and use the following sequence of commands to install the Junos package: