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Configuring Uplink Port Policies on a Junos Fusion

Ports on a satellite device that can be used as uplink ports are called candidate uplink ports. Each satellite device model has a set of default candidate uplink ports that the device can use to connect to the aggregation device and, in the case of a satellite device cluster, to other satellite devices. You can override the default set of candidate uplink and clustering ports by defining a candidate uplink port policy for the device.

To configure a candidate uplink port policy, you must first configure an uplink port group. The uplink port group defines a set of candidate uplink ports on a satellite device. Uplink port groups are assigned to candidate uplink port policies, which are assigned to satellite devices.


The candidate uplink port policy must include at least one port from the default candidate uplink port. Otherwise, the aggregation device will not be able to communicate with the satellite device in order to provision the satellite device with the uplink port policy.