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show security flow session pretty



Displays the detailed information about security flow session. The output displays the information in a list to make it easy for you to read and monitor the flow session.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show security flow session pretty command.

Table 1: show security flow session pretty Output Fields
Field Name Field Description

Advanced Security Feature Status

Status of the advanced security feature status such as Content Security, IDP, Advance Anti-Malware, Security-Intelligence, ICAP-Redirect , and App-Routing.


Client to server and server to client bytes added together and converted to MB or GB.

Base Layer7 Application

Base layer7 application details.


SSL proxy decryption status.

  • True: SSL proxy decrypted.
  • False: SSL proxy not decrypted.


Decryption mirror status.


Destination user details.


Flow session destination zone details.


Duration of the session.

Final Layer7 Application

The last classified application.

Forwarding Type

Show the type of current flow session.

Forward Direction

Interface, IP address, protocol, tag, and gateway information of this direction.

Hardware Accelerated

Status of the Express Path flow session.

Inspection Mode

Flow session inspection mode.

JDPI Classification

JDPI classification status.

Layer4 Application

Layer4 applications details.


Logical system details.

Plugin List

List of the plugins used in the flow session.


Policy details.

Reverse Direction

Interface, IP address, protocol, tag, and gateway information of the flowdirection.

Session ID

Number that identifies the session. Use this ID to get more information about the session.

Session HA Status

Show the HA status.

Session State

Show the HA status.

Session State

Status of security flow session.

Start time

Time when the session was created, offset from the system start time.


Shows the user source address.


Flow session source zone details.

Time Out

Idle time-out after which the session expires.


Tenant system details.

Tunnel Inspection

Tunnel inspection status.

Tunneled Session

Status of the tunnel session.

  • True: Session is a tunnel session.
  • False: Session is not a tunnel session.

Sample Output

show security flow session pretty

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 21.1R1.