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Configuring PIM-SSM GRE Selective Provider Tunnels

This topic describes how to configure a PIM-SSM GRE selective provider tunnel for an MBGP MVPN.

Creating a selective provider tunnel enables you to move high-rate traffic off the inclusive tunnel and deliver the multicast traffic only to receivers that request it. This improves bandwidth utilization.

To configure a PIM-SSM GRE selective provider tunnel for the customer multicast group address, the customer source address, and a virtual routing instance named green:

  1. Configure the multicast group address range to be used for creating selective tunnels. The address prefix can be any valid nonreserved IPv4 multicast address range. Whether you configure a range of addresses or a single address, make sure that you configure enough group addresses for all the selective tunnels needed.
  2. Configure the threshold rate in kilobits per second (Kbps) for triggering the creation of the selective tunnel. If you set the threshold rate to zero Kbps, the selective tunnel is created immediately, and the multicast traffic does not use an inclusive tunnel at all. Optionally, you can leave the threshold rate unconfigured and the result is the same as setting the threshold to zero.
  3. Configure the autonomous system number in the global routing options. This is required in MBGP MVPNs.

When configuring PIM-SSM GRE selective provider tunnels, keep the following in mind:

  • Aggregation of multiple customer multicast routes to a single PIM S-PMSI is not supported.

  • Provider tunnel multicast group addresses must be IPv4 addresses, even in configurations in which the customer multicast group and source are IPv6 addresses.