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Configuring EVPN MAC Pinning

The EVPN MAC pinning feature enables you to apply MAC pinning to CE/VPLS interfaces in a bridge domain and to PE interfaces in the core of a service-provider network.

The EVPN MAC pinning feature enables you to make the MAC address associated with a specific interface static. That is, the MAC-pinned address cannot be moved to any other interface in the bridge domain. The MAC-pinned addresses on the interface ages out at the same interval as the default MAC table timeout interval for an MX Series router.

Traffic transmitted with pinned MAC address as source MAC, from any interface in the EVPN domain other than the one on which the MAC address is pinned, will be discarded.

Pinning a MAC address to an interface for EVPN does not require new CLI. Existing CLI enables pinning MAC addresses to CE-device and PE-device interfaces. You can enable MAC Pinning on and interface in an EVPN network with the following command:

User@CE1# set switch-options interface interface-name mac-pinning