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Hierarchy Level


Configure duplicate MAC address detection settings. You can configure a threshold for MAC address mobility events and the window for detecting the number of MAC address mobility events. In addition, you can configure the optional recovery time that the Juniper Networks device waits before the duplicate MAC address is unsuppressed.



The length of time a device suppresses a duplicate MAC address. At the end of this interval, MAC address updates will resume. When an auto recovery time is not specified, duplicate MAC address updates will continue to be suppressed. To manually clear the suppression of duplicate MAC address, use the clear evpn duplicate-mac-suppression command.

  • Range: 1-360 minutes


Number of MAC mobility events detected for a MAC address before it is identified as a duplicate MAC address. Once the threshold is reached, updates for this MAC address are suppressed.

  • Default: 5

  • Range: 2-20


The time interval used in detecting a duplicate MAC address. When the number of MAC mobility events for a MAC address exceeds the detection-threshold within the detection window, the MAC address is identified as a duplicate MAC address.

  • Default: 180 seconds

  • Range: 5-600 seconds


To ensure that the mobility advertisements have sufficient time to age out, set an auto-recovery-time greater than the detection window.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 17.4R1.