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Understanding GBP Profiles

Understanding GBP UFT Profiles

  • Traditionally, forwarding tables have been statically defined and have supported only a fixed number of entries for each type of address. The unified forwarding table (UFT) provides the following benefits:

    • Enables you to allocate forwarding table resources to optimize the memory available for different address types based on the needs of your network.
    • Enables you to allocate a higher percentage of memory for one type of address or another.

Supported VXLAN GBP profiles:

  • The vxlan-gbp-profile is suitable for a balanced configuration that contains a mix of L2 and L3 networks.

  • The vxlan-gbp-l2-profile is suitable when running an edge device in a virtualized network comprised of multiple virtual-severs and VMs. You can also use this profile for direct reachability if the edge device needs more space in the mac-table.

  • The vxlan-gbp-l3-profile is suitable for an edge device running in an L3 intensive network where more space in the host-table is required.