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Working Around Multifield Classifier Limitations on M Series Routers

On M Series routers (except M120 routers), multifield classifiers are limited such that they cannot classify packets with an output filter match based on the ingress classification that is set with an input filter.

For example, in the following procedure, the filter called ingress assigns all incoming IPv4 packets to the expedited-forwarding class. The filter called egress counts all packets that were assigned to the expedited-forwarding class in the ingress filter. This configuration does not work on most M Series routers. It works on all other routing platforms, including M120 routers, T Series routers, and MX Series routers.

The following example requires you to navigate various levels in the configuration hierarchy. For instructions on how to do that, see Using the CLI Editor in Configuration Mode in the CLI User Guide.

  1. Define the ingress filter.
  2. Define the egress filter:
    1. Specify the first term of the egress filter.

    2. Specify the second term of the egress filter.

As a workaround, you can configure all of the actions in the ingress filter. For example:

  1. Define the ingress filter.