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Defining a Custom Frame Relay Loss Priority Map

You can apply a classifier to the same interface on which you configure a Frame Relay loss priority value. The Frame Relay loss priority map is applied first, followed by the classifier. The classifier can change the loss priority to a higher value only (for example, from low to high). If the classifier specifies a loss priority with a lower value than the current loss priority of a particular packet, the classifier does not change the loss priority of that packet.

To define a custom Frame Relay loss priority map:

  1. At the [edit class-of-service loss-priority-maps] hierarchy level in configuration mode, specify the loss priority map for the Frame Relay DE bit.

    For example:


    The loss priority map does not take effect until you apply it to a logical interface.

  2. Apply a rule to a logical interface.

    For example:

  3. Verify the configuration in operational mode.