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Configuring Scheduling, Shaping, and Priority Mapping on SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE PICs

To configure shaping, scheduling, and priority mapping on the SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE PIC, include the following statements at the [edit class-of-service] and [edit interfaces] hierarchy levels of the configuration:

  • As indicated in the configuration, the scheduler-map and shaping-rate statements can be included at the [edit class-of-service interfaces interface-name unit logical-unit-number] hierarchy level. However, we do not recommend this configuration. Include the output-traffic-control-profile statement instead.

  • The excess-rate or the excess-priority statements are mapped for a specific configuration and are ignored otherwise. These two statements are enabled only for the configuration similarity with the other IQE PICs configuration statements.