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Configuring Policers Based on Logical Interface Bandwidth

When you configure a policer as a percentage (using the bandwidth-percent statement), the bandwidth is calculated as a percentage of either the physical interface media rate or the logical interface shaping rate.

  • To specify that the bandwidth be calculated based on the logical interface shaping rate and not the physical interface media rate, set the logical-bandwidth-policer option at the [edit firewall] hierarchy level. Next,, specify the shaping-rate for the logical interfaces under the [edit class-of-service] hierarchy level and apply the policer to the logical interfaces..

  • If a shaping rate is not configured for the logical interface, the physical interface media rate is used, even if you include the logical-bandwidth-policer. You can configure the shaping rate on the logical interface using class-of-service statements.

The following example configures and applies a logical bandwidth policer rate to two logical interfaces on interface ge-0/2/7. The policed rate on unit 0 is 2 Mbps (50 percent of 4 Mbps) and the policed rate on unit 1 is 1 Mbps (50 percent of 2 Mbps).

To configure and apply this policer:

  1. Create and configure the policer.
    1. Create the policer.

    2. Specify that the policer is based on the shaping rate of the logical interface.

    3. Configure the rate limits for the policer.

    4. Configure the policer to discard packets that exceed the specified rate limits.

  2. Specify the shaping-rate for each logical interface.
  3. Apply the policer to the logical interfaces.
    • Enable scheduling on logical interfaces.

    • Enable the reception and transmission of 802.1Q VLAN-tagged frames on the interface.

    • Apply the policer to the first logical interface.

    • Apply the policer to the second logical interface.

  4. Confirm your configuration.
  5. Save the configuration.