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Examples: Configuring CoS on Aggregated Interfaces

This example illustrates how CoS scheduler parameters are configured and applied to aggregated interfaces.

Applying Scaling Formula to Absolute Rates

Configure queues as follows when the total speed of member link interfaces is 100 Mbps (the available bandwidth is 100 Mbps):

The total configured transmit rates of the aggregated interface is 10m + 20m + 80m + 30m = 140 Mbps, meaning the transmit rate is overconfigured by 40 percent. Therefore, the software scales down the configuration to match the 100 Mbps of available bandwidth, as follows:

Applying Scaling Formula to Mixture of Percent and Absolute Rates

Configure the following mixture of percent and absolute rates:

Assuming 300 Mbps of available bandwidth, the configured percentages correlate with the following absolute rates:

The software scales the bandwidth allocation as follows:

Configuring an Aggregated Ethernet Interface

Configure an aggregated Ethernet interface with the following scheduler map:

In this case, the transmission rate for the member link scheduler map is as follows:

  • be—7 percent

  • af—14 percent

  • ef—57 percent

  • nc—21 percent

If you add a Fast Ethernet interface to the aggregate, the aggregate bandwidth is 200 Mbps, and the transmission rate for the member link scheduler map is as follows:

  • be—10 percent

  • af—20 percent

  • ef—40 percent

  • nc—30 percent