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Example: Configuring CoS Value Translation Tables on SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE PICs

The following example translates incoming DSCP values to the new values listed in the translation table. All incoming DSCP values other than 111111, 111110, 000111, and 100111 are translated to 000111.

You must apply the translation table to the logical interface input on the SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE PIC:

If you try to configure mutually exclusive translation tables on the same interface unit, you get a warning message when you display or commit the configuration:

You can issue the following operational mode commands to verify your configuration:

To verify that the correct values are configured, use the show class-of-service translation-table command. The show class-of-service translation-table command displays the code points of all translation tables configured. All values are displayed, not just those configured:

To verify that the configured translation table is applied to the correct interface, use the show class-of-service interface interface-name command. The show class-of-service interface interface-name command displays the translation tables applied to the IQE interface:

ToS translation on the SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE PIC is a form of behavior aggregate (BA) classification. The SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 IQE PIC does not support multifield classification of packets at the PIC level. For more information about multifield classification, see Overview of Assigning Service Levels to Packets Based on Multiple Packet Header Fields.