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Example: Configuring CoS-Based Forwarding for IPv6

This example configures CoS-based forwarding (CBF) next-hop maps and CBF LSP next-hop maps for IPv6 addresses.

You can configure a next-hop map with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, or you can configure separate next-hop maps for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and include the from family (inet | inet6) statements at the [edit policy-options policy-options policy-statement policy-name term term-name] hierarchy level to ensure that only next-hop maps of a specified protocol are applied to a specified route.

If you do not configure separate next-hop maps and include the from family (inet | inet6) statements in the configuration, when a route uses two next hops (whether IPv4, IPv6, interface, or LSP next hop) in at least two of the specified forwarding classes, CBF is used for the route; otherwise, the CBF policy is ignored.

  1. Define the CBF next-hop map:

  2. Define the CBF forwarding policy:

  3. Export the CBF forwarding policy: