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Simple Filters Overview

Simple filters are recommended for metropolitan Ethernet applications. They are supported on Gigabit Ethernet intelligent queuing 2 (IQ2) and Enhanced Queuing Dense Port Concentrator (DPC) interfaces only.

Unlike normal filters, simple filters are for IPv4 traffic only and have the following restrictions:

  • The next term action is not supported.

  • Qualifiers, such as the except and protocol-except statements, are not supported.

  • Noncontiguous masks are not supported.

  • Multiple source addresses and destination addresses in a single term are not supported. If you configure multiple addresses, only the last one is used.

  • Ranges are only valid as source or destination ports. For example, source-port 400-500 or destination-port 600-700.

  • Output filters are not supported. You can apply a simple filter to ingress traffic only.

  • Simple filters are not supported for interfaces in an aggregated-Ethernet bundle.

  • Explicitly configurable terminating actions, such as accept, reject, and discard, are not supported. Simple filters always accept packets.


    On the MX Series routers with the Enhanced Queuing DPC, the forwarding class is not supported as a from match condition.