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Drop Profiles on MIC and MPC Interfaces

This topic covers the following Information

Drop Profiles on Enhanced Queuing MIC and MPC Interfaces

Enhanced queuing (EQ) interfaces on MICs and MPCs support drop profiles as follows:

  • Up to 255 drop profiles

  • Up to 128 tail-drop priorities for guaranteed low (GL) priorities

  • Up to 64 tail-drop priorities for guaranteed high and medium priorities

Implicit Scaling of WRED Profiles

You can oversubscribe scheduler delay buffers by configuring more delay-buffer memory than the system can support. If you oversubscribe the scheduler delay buffers for MIC and MPC interfaces, the system implicitly scales down the configured weighted random early detection (WRED) profiles so that packets are dropped more aggressively from the relatively full queues. This automatic adjustment creates buffer space for packets in the relatively empty queues and provides a sense of fairness among the delay buffers.