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Interface Set Caveats

When configuring interface sets, consider the following guidelines:

  • Interface sets can be defined in two major ways: as a list of logical interfaces or groups of aggregated Ethernet logical interfaces (unit 100, unit 200, and so on), or at the stacked VLAN level using a list of outer VLAN IDs (vlan-tags-outer 210, vlan-tags-outer 220, and so on). You can configure sets of aggregated Ethernet interfaces on MIC or MPC interfaces only.

  • You cannot specify an interface set mixing the logical interface, aggregated Ethernet, S-VLAN, or VLAN outer tag list forms of the interface-set statement.

  • Keep the following guidelines in mind when configuring interface sets of logical interfaces over aggregated Ethernet:

    • Sets of aggregated Ethernet interfaces are supported on MIC and MPC interfaces only.

    • The supported interface stacks for aggregated Ethernet in an interface set include VLAN demux interfaces, IP demux interfaces, and PPPoE logical interfaces over VLAN demux interfaces.

    • The link membership list and scheduler mode of the interface set are inherited from the underlying aggregated Ethernet interface over which the interface set is configured.

    • When an aggregated Ethernet interface operates in link protection mode, or if the scheduler mode is configured to replicate member links, the scheduling parameters of the interface set are copied to each of the member links.

    • If the scheduler mode of the aggregated Ethernet interface is set to scale member links, the scheduling parameters are scaled based on the number of active member links and applied to each of the aggregated interface member links.

  • A logical interface can only belong to one interface set. If you try to add the same logical interface to different interface sets, the commit operation fails.

    This example generates a commit error:

  • Members of an interface set cannot span multiple physical interfaces. Only one physical interface is allowed to appear in an interface set.

    This configuration is not supported: