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Ingress Rate Limiting on MX Series Routers with MPCs

Beginning with Junos OS Release 16.2R1, on MPCs that support ingress queueing, you can perform rate limiting on incoming packets based on the forwarding class and packet loss priority (PLP) defined for each packet at ingress. You can define the ingress forwarding class either through behavior aggregate (BA) classification or through multifield (MF) ingress-queuing-filter classification.

A packed entering an interface that has ingress queuing and ingress rate-limiting enabled has the following path through the device:

As the packet enters the interface, BA and MF classification are used to determine the forwarding class and PLP for the packet. Ingress rate-limiting is applied to the packet based on the forwarding class and PLP just determined. If no BA classifier is defined for the packet, the default BA classifier is used. Use of MF classification is optional and overrides any BA classification, including default BA classification.

Ingress rate limiting can be applied to physical and logical interfaces as well as interface sets.

To configure ingress rate-limiting:

  1. Configure the traffic-manager statement with ingress-and-egress mode:

  2. Configure a rate-limited scheduler. For example:

  3. Apply the scheduler to a scheduler map. For example:

  4. Apply the scheduler map as an input-scheduler-map to a physical or logical interface or interface set. For example:


    Alternatively, apply the scheduler map to a traffic control profile, then apply the traffic control profile as an input-traffic-control-profile to a physical or logical interface or interface set.