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Configuring Simple Filters on Enhanced Queuing DPCs

You can configure and apply a simple filter to perform multifield classification on the ingress interfaces of an MX Series router with Enhanced Queuing DPCs. These simple filters can be used to override default CoS classification parameters such as forwarding class or loss priority. Simple filters, in contrast to other firewall filters, only support a subset of the full firewall filter syntax.

To configure a simple filter, include the simple-filter statement at the [edit firewall family inet] hierarchy level:

The following example configures a simple filter to detect ingress packets from various source addresses (,, and, destination addresses (, protocols (tcp), and source ports (400-500, http). The filter then assigns various forwarding classes and loss priorities to the filtered traffic. Finally, the filter is applied to the input side of an Enhanced Queuing DPC interface (ge-2/3/3).