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Understanding Schedulers on Aggregated Interfaces

You can apply a class-of-service (CoS) configuration to aggregated Ethernet and aggregated SONET/SDH interfaces. The CoS configuration applies to all member links included in the aggregated interface. You cannot apply different CoS configurations to the individual member links.

You can configure shaping for aggregated Ethernet interfaces that use interfaces originating from Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PICs. However, you cannot enable shaping on aggregated Ethernet interfaces when there is a mixture of ports from Intelligent Queuing (IQ) and Intelligent Queuing 2 (IQ2) PICs in the same bundle.

You cannot configure a shaping rate and guaranteed rate on an aggregated Ethernet interface with member interfaces on IQ or IQ2 PICs. The commit will fail. These statements are allowed only when the member interfaces are Enhanced Queuing DPC Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

To view the summation of the queue statistics for the member links of an aggregate interface, issue the show interfaces queue command. To view the queue statistics for each member link, issue the show interfaces queue aggregated-interface-name command.